2024 Stand & Deliver Leadership Communication Series

San Francisco |  Zürich   

As leaders, you’re called on to engage, inspire and motivate— no small tasks for even the best among us. Now in an environment of uncertainty, unrest and trepidation, clarity of vision and crisp communication are required to move people to action. Whether reporting information up to senior leaders, driving change across your team, or building trusted partnerships with customers, your impact relies on the skilled communication and steady presence that win trust and confidence. 

Join us this spring in San Francisco or Zürich for a two-day intensive led by CEO Peter Meyers. Peers from across industries will come together to learn, practice and offer feedback as together we build the skills that distinguish us as leaders. 

In Speak to Inspire, you’ll learn and practice clear, repeatable methodologies to: 

  • Communicate ideas with clarity, confidence, and relevance for greater impact.
  • Speak to the needs of your audience to drive engagement and action.
  • Manage your mindset in the face of challenges and difficult situations.
  • Read the room and adapt to quickly build rapport and trust.
  • Use stories effectively to put a memorable face on information.

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